Using Skills Builder as part of the Global STEM Award

We are proud to be a partner organisation of Skills Builder where the Global STEM Awards are aligned to the Skills Builder framework to help identify and evidence the development and progression of the 8 essential skills that are transferrable across all career areas.

Building Essential Skills at Every Level

Whether you are at primary school, secondary school or at college, the Skills Builder framework may be applied to a Global STEM Awards project and can help learners to not only recognise the essential skills that are required to support future employment opportunities but to also reflect on the development of these skills and track their progression.

The use of the Skills Builder framework is an optional criteria to achieving a Global STEM Award, although we do require some reflection from learners of the skills they recognise they are developing and the skills required for STEM related careers as part of the validation process. 

There are 8 essential skills within the Skills Builder framework and there are 15 progressive steps that can be achieved within each skill – all of which may be developed by participating and completing a Global STEM Award. Leaners will need to reflect upon the skills that they have used in the Global STEM Award projects.

Here are some examples of how Global STEM Awards promote the development of essential skills within some of our resources, for example, the Explorer and Conservation Pathways books.

Here are some examples on how these skills may be identified and reflected upon. We have used 2 of the essential skills that can be widely demonstrated with a STEM-based project:

We have included the Skills Builder icons and the names of the 8 essential skills within the Global STEM Awards Validation form that we ask all learners and the adult support (i.e. teachers) to complete when claiming a Global STEM Award.

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For further information on Skills Builder framework, please click here.

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