What are Global STEM Awards?

​The Global STEM Awards scheme rewards students for completing STEM activities and provides a framework to encourage higher levels of engagement in learning. Alongside completing their STEM activities children are asked to think globally and find out about careers linked to the activity.

Your students can achieve the Global STEM Award by completing a series of projects based around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Each project is supported by resources to help plan the delivery.

Global STEM Awards support schools to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks for good career guidance, as within the award there is a requirement for them to research STEM career pathways as part of their project work. Recognising that an essential part of preparation for a student’s future is for them to gain an understanding of the types of careers that are available to them after they leave school.

What support do I get from UK STEM?

We are happy to give you whatever support you feel you need, we’ll help you write your bespoke project resources; accredit your project plans for Global STEM Award and for your local cluster or trust meetings; support with face to face training. Just let us know! Please see contact details below.

How do students complete a Global STEM Award?

Students work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

To achieve a Bronze Award, students complete two projects based on different contexts and locations. For a Silver Award, it’s four projects, and for Gold, it’s seven.

The location must be different for each project, and there is a wide range to choose from:

How long should a project take?

The suggested working time for each project is six hours, but this is down to your judgement. If you think your student has put in the work to deserve the Award, then we’ll ask you to confirm this when you claim the awards.

Who is the Global STEM Award aimed at?

The Awards are designed with Key Stages Two and Three in mind, but they can be easily adapted to cater for students of other ages.


You can download the costs below:

Bronze Award

2 Projects; 2 Locations; 2 Contexts

Individual cost: from £3.60 + VAT

Silver Award

4 Projects; 4 Locations; 3 Contexts

Individual cost: from £1.95 + VAT

Gold Award

7 Projects; 7 Locations; 4 Contexts

Individual cost: from £1.95 + VAT