Info for University/College Applications

You can use your Global STEM Award as evidence to help support a college, university or apprenticeship application. The Global STEM Awards has been recognised and been endorsed by a number of STEM organisations and businesses.

In mentioning your participation in the Global STEM Awards, you can reflect and refer to the relevant STEM skills you developed and used in your project – this will give potential employers, or Admissions teams an understanding on not only what you did as part of your project but also on what you learnt, the experiences you gained and how this could be applied to the course or apprenticeship that you are applying for.

Things to consider in your applications:

  • Does your Global STEM Award project provide a relevant experience to the course or role you are applying for?
  • How did your experience in completing a Global STEM Award affect your motivation or interest in STEM, the career that you are possibly interested in or the course you are applying for?
  • What skills did you develop and use as part of your project? How did you apply these skills in your project?
  • Do any of the careers that you explored as part of your project interest you for the future? If so, why?

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