The Global STEM Awards scheme rewards students for completing STEM activities and provides a framework to encourage higher levels of engagement in learning. Alongside completing their STEM activities children are asked to think globally and find out about careers linked to the activity.

The Global STEM Awards are proud to work with partners and other organisations including The Royal Academy of Engineers as part of their CST programme and Mindsets Online.

Projects can range from creating Crumble space-buggies to making flower-seed bombs – they can be anything you want! Get creative!

“Our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the research involved in completing their Global STEM Awards. We deliver the sessions to help pupils achieve these awards through our ‘High Flyers’ after school club, which is really popular for those children wishing to find out more about STEM subjects and careers. Pupils that have participated in the awards definitely demonstrate an improvement in their knowledge of the wider range of STEM fields. Most importantly, the Global STEM Awards programme is very efficiently organised, with excellent resources, a clear website and easy access to a member of the team, should you have any queries”

Heidi Wragg S Anselm’s School, Bakewell

“My knowledge and understanding of the world around me has improved so much since I completed the Bronze award. I thoroughly enjoyed doing all the research for my projects and finding out about areas in STEM that we would not really cover in our weekly science lessons at school, for example power sources in South America!”

Lucy, 10

I love anything to do with STEM, so for me, completing the bronze award has just been so much fun!

Morris, 10


CANDOO® is a fun and engaging game designed to get your students thinking about and discussing careers. It can be played as a game on its own or built into wider careers activities in your classroom. The aim of the game is to collect your careers path in front of you, made up of genuine qualifications and skills that are needed for your career. Play life experience cards on your path in the form of bonuses – or play one on someone else’s path in the form of redundancy – or even career change. All life experience cards are based on real-life scenarios that could happen in the course of your career – both good and bad!

CANDOO comes with wraparound activities that integrate the game into your career-related learning. These will be available on our website when the game is released. Suitable for ages 12+; 2-6 players. CANDOO meets the career-related learning requirements for the Global STEM Award.

Coming Soon…

The Conservation Pathway

The Conservation Pathway consists of 10 projects suitable for the Global STEM Awards. Explore the diverse and exciting field of conservation, with activities such as ‘Polluting Plastic’, ‘Designed by Nature: Biomimicry’ and ‘Gadgets for Research: Robo-scopes’. You’ll also learn about the real-life careers associated with them. Projects include hands-on and research-based activities suitable for Elementary and Intermediate level Awards.

Projects endorsed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, UK; Wildlife Computers Inc., USA; Places for Penguins, Forest & Bird New Zealand; Redfern Electronics, UK; STEM Without Borders, UK; Mindsets UK; Puhi Peaks Station, New Zealand.

Coming Soon…

The Explorer Pathway

The Explorer Pathway consists of 10 projects suitable for the Global Stem Awards at Elementary and Intermediate level. Explore real-life problems through hands-on activities – like keeping food and medicines cool in the aftermath of a natural disaster or growing plants under LEDs. Not only do you learn about the STEM concepts, you also develop global awareness and an understanding of the careers associated with your project.

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